Sunday, March 6, 2011


Digital Art Summer Festival 2010
Cornelia Yoder

I like how this looks like fractals in a way but then completely like natural exotic flowers.


Digital Art Summer Festival 2010
Warren Furman
Circle of Perfect Happiness

Because this was an album of all the entries for a summer contest, I thought all would be somewhat summer like. This image to me, seemed to capture all the seasons since that is what I was thinking about when I looked at it....I think I could stair at this image for hours

Week 8 MOCA

I found this artist particularly interesting because he believes about his art what I believe about art on all levels. The art of letting your spirit soar through your talents. He used photoshop, picture publisher and other graphic programs. He did it digitally, and his work is about the art of night music. His name is Siegfried Schreck. His website is


Benjamin Pezzillo
Collection: Urbanscape

I didn't see any artist info...but I just loved the coloring...check out the link below for actual images (I couldn't copy and paste so I print screened this into photo shop and reposted that image here)
Benjamin Pezzillo's Gallery


This was my favorite one....I made this on my 5th try. I figured I would get a little creative and practice some of the mash up we did earlier on in the class with this in photoshop....which led to this:

Which has turned out to be my ultimate favorite work of art I have created.

Grappa Art week 7

This is Grappa art that most restauraunt use to advertise artist who use Grappa art to show off their art in using screens that capture the eye to those who like this type of art work when surfing the internet for a place to dine for the evening. to check out more of these beautiful paintings type in Grappa art or google Grappa art and see the very many differeent artist who post online.

Kennys Line Rider

Ok class heres my line rider video finally straight simple and to the point hope you like it.

Everyone have a good week off from class see you next mod!

MOCA Week 7

These two pieces were created by a German artist named Karin Kuhlmann. Her background is primarily in commerical art and photography. Similar to the programs we have been using in class, Karin uses Automatism to create her art. If you take a look at her website, you'll see that she is extremely experienced in creating fractal art. The piece to the right reminds me of a ping pong ball being washed into a whirlpool.

Photoshop Distorted Images

These are a few of the distortions I did in photoshop. The one below this text is a picture of my husbands guitars. He LOVES this newer version of the picture.


These are 2 of the fractals I created using Ultra Fractal. I love this program! Mr. Nevins, I had trouble uploading my fractals to fotothing so I emailed them to you instead. Please let me know if you did not receive them.

Friday, March 4, 2011

End of Class!

Sadly, all good things must come to an end in academic schedules!  I will be doing the grades on Sunday.  Please take a moment to check off your work against the rubric linked in the upper right... it has a week by week list of what is required and due.  I will be using it to do your final grades on Sunday.  Here is a list of the students that are in my friends list...

fotothing1, syjaudon, Zuehailie, cataylortorneo, klberlehner, shanie1226, kennethransome, kfollo.

My expectations are that you will post your weekly artist review from MOCA here and 1 or 2 pieces from the series you are working on for a particular week.  The rest of your series should go on fotothing and labels as to what the project is can be helpful.

Hope you enjoyed exploring some of the possibilities in digital art and that you continue on making more wonderful pieces!


Some more play around Grappa

I must say all these pics where fun playing around and learnng the tools. However my hardest challenge was the line rider....I am still trying to continue to get that right!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


MOCA Week 7

Karl-Ludwig Leiter has been dabbling in art for since before becoming a hippie in the 70's. He took a 20 year break from making art and started back up three years ago. He has struggled against artwork that is popular as opposed to his personal style for many years. Two of his influences included Donald Duck and the Marx Brothers. He truly enjoys creating his artwork.

MOCA Week 6

Karin Kuhlmann is a German artist who has studied photography and graphic design. She uses Photoshop KPT5's Frax Frame Filter to create an array of "Fractal" art such as the pictures displayed. She tends to gravitate towards creating more abstract art although she does use a variety of "inspiring and associative shapes" in her work. This art reminded me much of the art that we've been learning about in our class.


Fun! Especially the blue on white grappa

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


The name of this piece is called:
Drop that thought….slide # 8

Christina Seibold, the graphic artist, was born in Frankfurt, Germany. With close relations to her emotions, and music that inspires her, many digital graphics are created that allow the eye to wander and constantly discovering something new.
Christina Seibold presents inner realities in her pictures that move her and express themselves in a new way within her.
A look at the art prints reveal something spontaneity and emotionality, as well as their secretly directed reflection and the colorful design of deep, passionate worlds of feelings. As an energetic force, the exciting sweeps that the artist blends into her works have an effect in the art work.