Friday, March 4, 2011

End of Class!

Sadly, all good things must come to an end in academic schedules!  I will be doing the grades on Sunday.  Please take a moment to check off your work against the rubric linked in the upper right... it has a week by week list of what is required and due.  I will be using it to do your final grades on Sunday.  Here is a list of the students that are in my friends list...

fotothing1, syjaudon, Zuehailie, cataylortorneo, klberlehner, shanie1226, kennethransome, kfollo.

My expectations are that you will post your weekly artist review from MOCA here and 1 or 2 pieces from the series you are working on for a particular week.  The rest of your series should go on fotothing and labels as to what the project is can be helpful.

Hope you enjoyed exploring some of the possibilities in digital art and that you continue on making more wonderful pieces!

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