Monday, February 28, 2011


This is my signature in grappa. It was a little difficult because I am using a laptop mouse but with this program I was able to stop and start in a new place.

Test for Anne Marie

Here is a variation on the previous image working with Jerry in Aquinas 315 computer lab...

2 layer fractal

Here is a blend of 2 layers of the base mandelbrot a demonstration to AnneMarie

"Opera" Oil Painting by Sabastian Marquez

Moca Art Homework: "Opera" Oil Painting by Sabastian Marquez

The artist used Painter and Paint Shop Pro for his software. Sebastian Marquez resides in Stockholm, Sweden with his wife and three daughters. He was born in Madrid and has traveled some before settling in Sweden.

The image I chose is titled: Opera. It appears to be a European setting - a harbor, yet there is no information where it is exactly. The buildings are old, yet sturdy and functional. The boats appear to be primarily houseboats with sails and motors. One of them may be a passenger boat, on the right front. How did he do it? Well, I can only surmise, with the little knowledge I have of this art, I will make my guesses. A photo was used as a base. The sky seems to have a distinctive pixel setting to create the slashing effect, which appears to be slanted from the bottom-left of the upper portion of the picture - probably a separate layer. The buildings have some extracted work due to the consistency of the windows and doors. I presume the artist used a liquified effect on the trees. Possibly the clouds were stretched downward; yet a specific angle appears to take precendence - almost a funnel shape as a "base". Edge highlighter was probably used on all buildng tops. The water appears to have been enhanced with white with a blend of three colors - a magenta, purple, and blue. The ships appear to be a separate layer - having a mirrored appearance as one of the effects.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Using Grappa

Grappa freelance.

Artist Review Wk 7

Art by Denis Tenev

I love the cleaver idea here of transporting a finger print (taken a numbers ways) and than importing it to a photoshop like program to give it some color. If you guys notice he adds some taste to it by making it seem like the fingerprint is on fire. It also seems like its morphing into a face or a figure all in general. A good idea to try on my own this week.

This image can be found here

More hearts!

More hearts!

Line Rider

Extra Apophysis

Doing some extra Apophysis


ARTIST: Francesco Mai
Name: Alien Sculpture OOM

Francesco Mai is from Italy, digital artist, and a photographer.
He practices his works in far lands such as: Madagascar, Ethiopia, Sri Lanka etc.
All works are rendered at high resolution (14.000 x 11.000 pixels).
Virtual sculptures are forged into the intangible, 3 dimensional =calculations/ imagination…
Mai is attracted to corroded surfaces worn by time as rusts, molds and crust walls.

This picture looks like two things: aliens deformed, and totem poles. I like the metallic silver colors. It sharpens the pictures and makes it more interesting.

Enjoy !

Week 7- Grappa Art- Video

This is a video of a Grappa piece I created using "The Gestural Moment" Grappa Application. Once I took a screen shot of what I created I put the into photoshop and adjusted the saturation while I recorded it.

Here's another one I did:

Check out my other pieces on fotothing: Shanie1226

Friday, February 25, 2011

Week 7- MOCA Artist

Artist: D. Weathersby
Collection: Only Dreaming
Piece: Vacation

The artist I chose is D. Weathersby. D. Weathersby creates his/her “digital photo collages” by using Microsoft Picture It- 10 software. The piece I chose out of the Only Dreaming collection is Vacation.
Weathersby's collage seems very scattered and aged. The picture of the little girl looks like it was taken a long time ago, before there were colored pictures. I’m getting from the background maybe this is where he/she grew up as a child and his/her favorite place was the beach. Weathersby's intent was probably to make viewers wonder and find a connection. It’s not very clear to me why Weathersby chose these items for his collage but it stood out to me.

Week 6- MOCA Artist

Artist: Gun Legler
Collection: Portraits
Piece: Once There Was a Prison

The artist I chose is Gun Legler. Legler works on PaintShopPro and sometimes PhotoShop to bring his photos to life. He has also done some textiles and watercolor collages. The piece I selected from Gun’s collection is called Once There Was a Prison.

Once There Was a Prison depicts a young girl in a basement of some sort. She has no expression but yet looks like he is seeking some kind of savior. The basement is faded and the side of her face is shadowed maybe indicating that she is being pulled in: Like it's swallowing her. It's very spooky in a sense.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Week 5-Giovanni Auriemma

Artist: Giovanni Auriemma
Collection: Humanized photography
Piece: Hypostasis

The artist I chose is Giovanni Auriemma. “Self-taught in computer graphics”, Auriemma has become an illustrator and graphic designer. He uses humanized photography to combine computer art and a photograph together. The piece I selected out of his humanized photography collection is called Hypostasis.

Hypostasis looks like this person is trying to find peace or relaxation. The picture of the person is distorted into little individual pieces, like they have a lot going in their mind. The sun setting over the ocean just gives the sense of peace and tranquility this person seems to be seeking.

Week 4 - MOCA

Artist: Dominic Rouse
Collection: Photo Composition
Piece: Angeline

The artist I chose is Dominic Rouse. He uses photo composition in his artwork. Rouse’s work is usually colorless and dark, yet very realistic and powerful to the eye.

Angeline gives me the illusion of a little girl who can’t find her way. She appears to be headed down hill (in life). To me the white dress symbolizes the purity and innocence of this little girl. The snake, eagle, darkness and dirtiness of the place seem like the “dark side” (of life).

Sonya Jaudon line rider

This was fun..especially since I have never uploaded anything on Youtube before.....
Hope you enjoy because I did.....

Prof I know You said 45 secods to minute I will do another.....

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Week 6 MOCA

Artist Name: Drazen Jerkovic
Drazen Jerkovic (Croatia Native) is a fractal artist. On his website he explains that he completely stumbled over fractals a couple of years ago and didn’t go to school for it.

Using the same tools were using in class if not something more fancy-he is able to use his creativity.

He say’s “When we put a lot of differences together, we get a nice piece of life :-) ”

"Morning Star"- To me looks like a pregnant lady...Pretty cool how the final piece came out!

"Good Vibrations"- Looks like electric rays...

Week 4 & 5 Fractals 101

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Week 6- Line Rider

Week 7 Art as Discovery

This picture by John Hughson is entitled "Art as Discovery" Bouquet. This particular artist has created this work through spontaneous and gut reaction responses. The software used is drawn/painted. It draws directly into the computer as in drawing and painting using traditional material. This particular work is about the logic of being intuitive. The color scheme reminds me of the "Garden of Eden" especially with its intuitive nature. The look is one of peace and serenity.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Moca Art Week 6

Good Afternoon class mates i sick of the snow and i have a cold whats else is new. hope everyone that is off today is enjoying Presidents day anyway i must have done line rider over and over and save them and dont no where they saved because my Adobe Flash drive is whack. Anyway this week i chose John Clive he is a leading visual effects designer who has pioneered cloning crowds & morphing realistic animation of software that he has used by jamming up different programs to revolutionize his images to different lines of skin tones, what caught my eye is how the lines in his graphic images combined into mazes like a pile of mazes that go in every direction some of you may not like it but stare at it for a moment and see what you get out of it. John born in Central London in 1953 still lives and works there who is actually married to Actress Michelle Newell they have one daughter Florence who is 15. John has also studied at Ealing School of Art most of his career was directing commercials he has also done some theater and film work also and has been recognized for his many accomplishments in international film work.

MOCA: Week 6

For Claude McCoy the computer opened up the door for him to create new art ideas. All the images on his web site are algorithmic abstract art. These images where created with off the shelf software….

The image on top ( #1) is so pretty…especially the colors and the way it looks like it is spiraling down…… The second image o the botom (#4) looks like the old plastic Halloween mask with the elastic that goes around your head. The picture itself looks like a dog……
Claude McCoy's website:

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Week 5 Fractal

I need help classmates. What am I doing wrong to continue to receive the evaluation copy on my pictures. I will keep plugging.

Week 5 Fractal

I had a bit of a struggle with this. As you can see evaluation copy is on the screen. I had to save in paint pad. Unable to go through photoshop. Still Trying.

Burining Ice/ Week 6

Karim Bouchnak is not very descriptive about this particular photo. In his bio he gives a brief synoposis of how he creates his fractal photos. In this case, the photo is created as a collage or overlay of a fractal. The software used is fractal. Judging from his quote "Everyone can find his own history reflected in an image". I would say his particular piece is reflected through one's own image of their past and the mirror of how they perceive themselves currently.

Line Rider Clip

My creation :) lol
Art by Krs

Obvious clips taken from different places than transported into a art program. Here his goal is quiet simple, relate to a particular meaning to the word "Modern Gladiator". Very clever though i would prefer to see this as a large picture frame in a modern home instead.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

This art image by Benny Ventura is a gorgeous. This artist graduated from cinema studies at the Beit Zvi School majoring in stage arts. I am not quite sure if its an oil painting...but it looks that way. This is a difficult image to create. Does anyone now how to use filters to create an oil painting?

This video byRon Eglash on African fractals at: I found this video to be very interesting. He discusses how fractals are like the shapes of nature. When you think about it the wrinkles in our hands and through our body, shape of trees, and leaves have a fractal shape to them. It’s amazing how fractals have a mathematical side to it.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


This was my first fractal.

I like the bright colors. My first thought when I blended the layer to the background was that the black circles matched the edges of the black "blob" that was originally there.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Week 5- Fractals

Some of the fractal pieces I've created:

Check out more of my fractal creations on Fotothing: Shanie1226

Sunday, February 13, 2011


This is one of my favorite ones. It took me a little while to get the hang of moving things around with this and actually making it look like I was trying to do something on purpose rather than looking messy. I kept trying to get this to be more centered but I like the sweeping motion from the animation script I ran a couple of times on it.

Week 5 Moca Ultra Fractal

Ok Look at both of these Ultra Fractal Class mates the first is by Pam one of the 7 images we were to take a look at. But look at the difference in the Ultra Fractal by Tom Crayans hes and artist out of New York who likes his toys so he decided to explore more in computer art to make more money with his unique imagination came up with ultra imagines that explores one dreams for new inhancement not only in color but one that fuels our engines when we particuly like certain colors and designs. If you like you can visit Tom Crayans art gallery and see more of his unique dimension of colors and stars.

Wk 5 Artist Review

Art by Laxmi Jayaraj

This image was possibly created in Apophysis and than transferred into photoshop. While in photoshop it looks like artiest Laxmi used a few layers to fine tune his art.
A great illustration of what we are currently doing in class.

Wk 5

This last one stuck to me as a microscopic look of a nucleus after dividing.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Week 5 David Vineis

David Vineis is a French artist at the age of 29 who focuses on mechanical-organic art. He uses many forms of media such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Bryce, InDesign, and others. He uses photographic and other art forms to create his work.

I like the formality and the crisp lines of his pieces. His mechanical art seems to come to life. Here are a couple of my favorites.

Fractal Art

This was fun to play with.......especially with a touch of Photoshop..