Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Week 6 MOCA

Artist Name: Drazen Jerkovic
Drazen Jerkovic (Croatia Native) is a fractal artist. On his website he explains that he completely stumbled over fractals a couple of years ago and didn’t go to school for it.

Using the same tools were using in class if not something more fancy-he is able to use his creativity.

He say’s “When we put a lot of differences together, we get a nice piece of life :-) ”

"Morning Star"- To me looks like a pregnant lady...Pretty cool how the final piece came out!

"Good Vibrations"- Looks like electric rays...


  1. Love the light in the bottom one....

  2. I absolutely love the pieces. The first one also reminds me of a pregnant woman with a the center being the focal point where the baby is situated.

  3. Amazing! This reminds me of light shining through broken glass.