Monday, February 28, 2011

"Opera" Oil Painting by Sabastian Marquez

Moca Art Homework: "Opera" Oil Painting by Sabastian Marquez

The artist used Painter and Paint Shop Pro for his software. Sebastian Marquez resides in Stockholm, Sweden with his wife and three daughters. He was born in Madrid and has traveled some before settling in Sweden.

The image I chose is titled: Opera. It appears to be a European setting - a harbor, yet there is no information where it is exactly. The buildings are old, yet sturdy and functional. The boats appear to be primarily houseboats with sails and motors. One of them may be a passenger boat, on the right front. How did he do it? Well, I can only surmise, with the little knowledge I have of this art, I will make my guesses. A photo was used as a base. The sky seems to have a distinctive pixel setting to create the slashing effect, which appears to be slanted from the bottom-left of the upper portion of the picture - probably a separate layer. The buildings have some extracted work due to the consistency of the windows and doors. I presume the artist used a liquified effect on the trees. Possibly the clouds were stretched downward; yet a specific angle appears to take precendence - almost a funnel shape as a "base". Edge highlighter was probably used on all buildng tops. The water appears to have been enhanced with white with a blend of three colors - a magenta, purple, and blue. The ships appear to be a separate layer - having a mirrored appearance as one of the effects.


  1. AnneMarie this was a good find! The photo puts me in the mindset of actually being in the scene............This photo is open nd free...

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