Monday, January 31, 2011

Week 2 Oil Painting Effect

Here is a picture I took last week in Khapalou, Hi. I'm trying to get familiar with all of the filters on Photoshop, but of course theres way to many.
I used a dry brush, Simple and clean.


Addition - Wk 2

Blur effect using a few filters.

Distorted photo

My nephew on the left and the FUN time I had upper right......I really had a hard time but after several tries....I finally got it now I can play with it like a pro!...LOL

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Week 3

Artist: Syd Baker

Name: Robot Romance Part 3

Syd Baker is fascinating with fiction and fantasy. In this particular piece he combines a lot of greenery with robotic figures roller skating on the pavement. He depicts a younger like couple on a sunny afternoon. Baker uses a method of robot construction with a program called Groboto. Groboto gives you step by step tutorials to creating your female and male figures. By combining shapes in 3d of (head, abdomen, legs, feet etc) soon you will have figures like the one’s shown below. Baker let his imagination flow into candid pictures as he adopts these cool images. He tells futuristic story lines…

Syd Baker is no rookie to using programs such as Bryce 3d, Strata 3dcx, Poser and Vue Esprit. If you search his gallery, robot figures are frequently seen throughout.

Week 3 MOCA

This picture gives the illusion of someone's personality in my opinion. This picture in my opinion depicts a scattered brained individual, one who is a bit disorganized, due to the position, of the pencils. This person can also, be interpreted as somewhat of a bookworm. This individual is booksmart in intelligence, yet lacks common sense or street smarts.

Wk 3 assignment

Original image 
Rotated and Filtered Image. I'm not sure I really like how this looks...but I'm biased because the picture is of my neice, and I prefer the one where I can see her face!

Grading Criteria or Rubric Posted!

Hi Everyone,

I just posted a new week by week checklist to help you understand what I look for each week.  It is linked from the blog links in the upper right and at the top of the class syllabus... check it out...

Okay, so this is my week 3 image after following the tutorial. I had a little trouble with the coloring because the original image was very dark with a lot of black in it. I'm going to try another more colorful picture and see what the differences are with the end results. I'll post the second picture as soon as I'm done. Everyone's images look awesome!

Missing Class Members

Attention class...

These are the class members I have found so far in fotothing ... If you are not there, you need to create an account immediately and start posting there. You need to post an image and let us know your screen name on the blog. I will be doing mid-term grades in a couple of weeks and posting 6-10 variations on each weeks work is the most important part of the grade... I review what you are doing here as well as on the blog... but this is where your main creative work goes...

picture with actions

Oil Paintings

Im still having some problems but now i have figured out others options to change the base colors if u have problems refer to Professor Nevins video with images and Google to download to cut & paste with options already loaded on your computer or Laptop. Any way finaly posted my oil painting. Yeah as u can see im a Dallas Fan so Go Green Bay no Black n Yellow for me im tired of that song every time i turn the radio its on if you all didn't no that song represents the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Week 3: MOCA Artist: Pavel

Week 3

Artist: Pavel Melnichuk

Collection: Digital Brush Painting

Pieces: Childhood Dream

The artist I chose for week three is Pavel Melnichuk. He is a “self-taught artist” who has influences of art and science to create his work. He uses digital brushes in Photoshop to create “photo based” images. The piece I selected out of his Digital Brush Painting collection is Childhood Dream.

Childhood Dream reminds me of three things: birds, dragonflies and kites. It gives off a very peaceful and positive vibe. Inside the edges of the frame, it is filled with dark blue and dark shades of green. This can represent it being nighttime where the “Dream” is taking place. Moving towards the center of the image, it looks like flying objects (birds, dragonflies and kites) are glowing which fills up majority of the piece. It gives a sense of being free spirited because they all fly.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Week 3 Recorded Action

This is my favorite of the recordings I made. I started out with a poster of Lady Antebellum that I made for a class during the fall. I used the crop tool, rotate, difference, diffuse glow, cross hatch, wave, pinch, and spherize. This was my second attempt at creating a recording and trying it on different pictures. When I cropped, I only took the actual picture of them.

Week 3- Transformations

The images I decided to use for the Week 3 transformation assignment were the 7 Dwarfs. I thought it would be fun to transform all of them. Here are "Dopey " and "Doc"

Check out the other Dwarfs on my fotothing: Shanie1226

Christos Magganas

Christos Magganas works in London but was born in Greece in 1972. His work consists mainly of photographs and 3D layering that is mainly done in Photoshop. His work is very intricate and beautiful; it almost looks real. I love the fantasy/ science fiction look to the images.


I would have like to removed the black out for a better look, i had no luck with the lasso tool.
Art by David Averbuch

Very simple to do and yet it catches my attention. Looks like a regular picture was taken than moved into photoshop, and then modify by adding the quote run across.

Though i don't fully like the quote or better yet don't agree with it. It like the idea of the work.

Visit the site below to see the original.


Born in Scotland, Pauline Black was born in Scotland, and moved to Australia in 1970 with her husband and family. Her interest is Art and mixed media, for example, combining computer art with traditional media. She uses her computer to paint images using Corel Painter and a pressure-sensitive graphics tablet, with a photo used as a point of allusion. She says it is a process as well as a challenge while still learning to become better at this skill. Viewing her four images, she has a way with sticking to one color.

All four images are a simple, beautiful photograph……The image I like is #4.

However I cannot view her website as it is Chinese….

Friday, January 28, 2011

Weekly Expectations

Hi Everyone....  Hope you are staying warm and dry...

Just a quick note about weekly expectations as a reminder....

Each week, there is a creative exercise outlined in the syllabus.  My expectations are that you will do the assignment in the spirit of play and creativity and post your favorite 6 or more images to your fotothing account.  In addition, please post your favorite one here on the blog.  By the end of the class, I am expecting to see about 35 images ... of course you may post more... the more the better.  The first one you make is to break the ice and get the process rolling.  There is no one right way to do each assignment... I am looking for your own solutions and creative touch in everything we do.

On top of that, there is a weekly MOCA artist review due for posting on this blog...  Post an image of the artist, a link to their website and a response to their work as well as discuss what the goals and aims of the artist are.

As a reminder, here is what I wrote on the syllabus about academic expectations:

Academic Expectations:
Post work each week, including 1 artist review found at MOCA and 1 or 2 images of your personal work. Put the remainder in your fotothing portfolio. Check into the blog to create a post and leave comments for your classmates at least twice a week, , care about your work, make progress in the medium, help and cooperate with your classmates, take risks, make mistakes. Your grade will be based on a portfolio of 30 pieces due at the end of the session. As this is a workshop class, good attendance is assumed. Care about the quality as well as quantity of your creative work, help and collaborate with others in the class, communicate openly with me…. Do your best. Your portfolio posted to Fotothing will be the tangible evidence of your progress in the medium but your overall contributions will play a role in determining your grade as well. Don't wait until near the end, then run around and try to get your work done in a rush... that's like skipping class all semester.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Gilles Tran is on the M O C A website as a Paris-based 3D artist. The image above is called Oyanale. There are about 21 images in this photo. Its amazing how you can add images into a photograph and have it to look real. Making 3D images for Gilles Tran has been his hobby since 1993. His profession is working has a agricultural engineer. His image is suppose to reflect darkness, with a shadow and reflection with a play of light. You wonder what he was thinking about creating this picture.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Week 1 Winter Solstice

I find the Winter Solstice by Robert W. McGregor of particular interest due to its surreal side. The artist created this work by using Digitally-oriented images. The software used is the freeware program POV-RAY. The balls in my opinion represent how the mind responds to the various motions in Winter. These motions flunctuate back and forth from cold to hot, North to South, or high to low. Each thought is derived from the inner mind. This photo was done through computer graphics.


I found the artist Jean-Marc Rulier and his photo Audra of particular interest to me. This artist created this work from previous photos that he post worked. The software used was Photoshop and 3DSMax. This particular work is about the definition of how the atmosphere is defines Beauty. We all know Beauty comes from within, which is why beauty is considered to be only skin deep. It is also, in the eye of the beholder. How Jean-Marc Rulier brought this image to life is by using a powerful texture effect to lend depth to the flat screen image.

Week 2 Computer Artist

Shadi DavarianThe Voice of Silence

This was another contest entry so there wasn't much information about the artist, but I absolutely loved this image. It seems to capture quite a bit in a very simple, yet powerful way.

Polaroid Collage Attempt

This is an original photo I took of a waterfall on the Cliffwalk in Providence, RI in 2009. I decided to go with the Polaroid Creative Portrait Tutorial with this image....I think it would have worked a lot better with an image of people, but I really enjoyed learning this way of making a collage. And it was pretty simple to get used to, used a lot of layer duplication.
It was hard to scatter the images with this but I like the idea.

Week 2

This week I decided to try the Andy Warhol image in Photoshop. Well, actually I tried really hard to do the oil painting but for some reason I couldn't get any images to cooperate with me. So this is what I ended up with, a super-cute picture of my super-cute nephew. I'm sure he's going to love this when I email it to him! What an awesome trick to learn in Photoshop!!!

Jerome Bettis With an Andy Warhol Twist

Today is the AFC championship game and I cannot wait! I know Jerome Bettis has been retired for some time but I had to keep the Pittsburgh Steeler's theme for today. Quite honestly, it was difficult to find a photograph that had a background that could be easily unattached to the rest of the photo.

So, here is Jerome Bettis with my Andy Warhol twist. I kept with bright, basic colors and had to add the Steeler's logo in the corner. There were a few spots that I had to draw in to keep the color from leaking. I also found that if there were isolated spots that didn't match, using the paint bucket tool easily filled them in (so long as I didn't click outside of that little area). "Undo" became my favorite button of all today!


Week 2 Artist: JD Jarvis

JD Jarvis didn't have a goal when he started this piece of work. He wanted to try some new techniques and let his subconscious lead the way. He ended up with a painting that was about the Juarez murders; over four hundred women were murdered and mutilated with most of their bodies found in junk yards. Jarvis claims that he didn't know that he could create something that makes him so uneasy.

Honestly, I hate the way I feel when I look at this piece. But I love the colors and the imagery. It's as if the victims are unable to be separated from their attackers. The eye in the top center of the picture is curious.

Week 2:Creative Portrait Tutorial- Illustration Effect

This week I chose to do the "Illustration Effect" on my photos. The original is on the left and the filtered photo is on the right.

Check out more of my blur filtered photos, and oil paintings on fotothing: Shanie1226

Saturday, January 22, 2011

That 70's Oil painting again after playing with different options............

Okay, that was fun playing with Photoshop...but why is it still black and whit and not like the original color? I copied notes from the demostration on oil painting #1-15.

Week 2: Rate an Artist

Art by Jean-Louis Lassez

Cleaver drawing symbolizing a particular men having numerous female friends, but it can draw different views depending on how you see it.

Any drawing software would do the trick. Importing the images over from another source and modifying them one on top of each other is a way to go. Photoshop is a excellent source for doing something like this now that i have been using the layers tool.

Week 2: Photoshop Project

Original picture on the bottom! Top picture has a oil art illustration.

Week Two: Magganas

Artist: Christos Magganas

Collection: Surrealism

Pieces: Astra & Electra

"Electra"ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff "Astra"

The artist I chose this week is Christos Magganas. He is a graphics and communication designer who uses “a complex mix of photography and 3D rendering, carefully layered in Photoshop.” (MOCA) This collection reminds me of a fantasy world because of all the bright, highlighted, glowing lines.

Magganas’s pieces Astra and Electra are very futuristic, mythical and fun! A story can be told using these two images without dialogue, words or sound: Possibly galaxy holds two powerful women from different planets because of their colors. It almost reminds me of angels of good and evil but in a fantasy sense.

Astra, inGreek mythology meaning gods of the five wandering stars” (Wikipedia), portrays a world filled with peace. The cool colors give a very calm and relaxing feeling. So much is going on around the woman but she remains centered and balance. I would say she’s the good angel because of the round shape that looks like a halo behind her head and the direction she’s looking in. Electra has more edge to it. One can conclude that she’s the bad angel with the bright, hot colors. Her wings look like they’re made of sharp blades, and it also looks like she’s releasing a fireball from her right hand. It’s like she’s ready for battle.

That's 70's Oil Painting

The colored photo is the original image. The second photo is the oil painting but I must had missed a stepped because it is not colored....
Please advise! I really want to see it as an oil painting in color.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Week 2

Artist Peter McLane
As i was browsing the Art site i found this piece it reminds me of yesterday when i watched the Tourist the new movie with Angelina Joi lee yes i have the Dvd copy already if you would like a copy email me. Anyway Peter first love use to be music until he became a program painter his first show came in 1994. Peter also says that his technics cannot be related to another,but confesses his respect and admiration is to traditional painters. He is influenced by Hieronymus Bosch, Tanguy Dali and Max Mclane.
Also my Fotothing name is Like a Stallion!!

Week 2

Artist: Danilo Lejardi

Name: “Ancient Recall”

During week two I continued to stick with portrait like art. Here is another headshot, but of a male. The artist explains that he likes to imitate how humans are so deeply involved with nature. Within the piece it show’s you different views of nature. I thought it was pretty cool how he incorporated it into the face and body of a human. The metallic colors are also intriguing.
I found the artist quite interesting to look at too. I searched for an image of him and it appears that he is somewhat a character. Danilo Lejardi is an AfroCuban Folklore who enjoys creating digital art. Particularly, in this piece the artist has used Cinema 4d rendered (modeling, animation, lighting, and texturing).

MOCA Art Gallery: Week 2

This piece of Art is called perfect.
Artist Elaine Biss passion for Macro-photography shows off her talent through different Photoshop software. She feels one should have the ability to vision simple objects as a piece of art. Turning her Macro-photography into oils, and watercolors is just one of many talents that she has developed. She states that “All objects hold beauty, but it is when you take a closer look you realize how deep beauty goes."
As I browse through her pieces I came across picture 3. If you looked a little closer you can see where the beauty begins in the flower. After playing around on photoshop, {and correct me if I am wrong}it looks as if she uses a brush and maybe brushed the leaves out.

In viewing her website, she is artistic in many areas. Her designs are simple and girly, with a soft look. She is one artist I would start paying more attention too. I like her style.

You can view her website @ and this piece can be found@ Photo 3.