Saturday, January 29, 2011


Born in Scotland, Pauline Black was born in Scotland, and moved to Australia in 1970 with her husband and family. Her interest is Art and mixed media, for example, combining computer art with traditional media. She uses her computer to paint images using Corel Painter and a pressure-sensitive graphics tablet, with a photo used as a point of allusion. She says it is a process as well as a challenge while still learning to become better at this skill. Viewing her four images, she has a way with sticking to one color.

All four images are a simple, beautiful photograph……The image I like is #4.

However I cannot view her website as it is Chinese….

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  1. I like this piece Sonya! Even though everything in this image is yellow, every item is defined and has it's own personality. It gives off a very happy and positive vibe.