Sunday, January 23, 2011

Jerome Bettis With an Andy Warhol Twist

Today is the AFC championship game and I cannot wait! I know Jerome Bettis has been retired for some time but I had to keep the Pittsburgh Steeler's theme for today. Quite honestly, it was difficult to find a photograph that had a background that could be easily unattached to the rest of the photo.

So, here is Jerome Bettis with my Andy Warhol twist. I kept with bright, basic colors and had to add the Steeler's logo in the corner. There were a few spots that I had to draw in to keep the color from leaking. I also found that if there were isolated spots that didn't match, using the paint bucket tool easily filled them in (so long as I didn't click outside of that little area). "Undo" became my favorite button of all today!



  1. I like that Kristy! It Steelers all day.............I like the colors.

  2. Hi Kristy, I agree with Sonya It's steelers all day everyday. We are actually winning tonight's game so far. I too like the colors as well. The steeler logo insertion is a plus great job.

  3. Ctrl>Z is the instant undo 1 step... I keep my left pinky on the ctrl button when I am doing work like this....