Friday, January 21, 2011

MOCA Art Gallery: Week 2

This piece of Art is called perfect.
Artist Elaine Biss passion for Macro-photography shows off her talent through different Photoshop software. She feels one should have the ability to vision simple objects as a piece of art. Turning her Macro-photography into oils, and watercolors is just one of many talents that she has developed. She states that “All objects hold beauty, but it is when you take a closer look you realize how deep beauty goes."
As I browse through her pieces I came across picture 3. If you looked a little closer you can see where the beauty begins in the flower. After playing around on photoshop, {and correct me if I am wrong}it looks as if she uses a brush and maybe brushed the leaves out.

In viewing her website, she is artistic in many areas. Her designs are simple and girly, with a soft look. She is one artist I would start paying more attention too. I like her style.

You can view her website @ and this piece can be found@ Photo 3.