Sunday, January 23, 2011

Week 2 Artist: JD Jarvis

JD Jarvis didn't have a goal when he started this piece of work. He wanted to try some new techniques and let his subconscious lead the way. He ended up with a painting that was about the Juarez murders; over four hundred women were murdered and mutilated with most of their bodies found in junk yards. Jarvis claims that he didn't know that he could create something that makes him so uneasy.

Honestly, I hate the way I feel when I look at this piece. But I love the colors and the imagery. It's as if the victims are unable to be separated from their attackers. The eye in the top center of the picture is curious.

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  1. Wow Kristy! Great selection! I would have to agree: I feel a little disturbed by the image myself. I had to take my time to really analyze what was going on because it's very cluttered and busy. I think the eye may have a significance in this piece. Possibly this occurred because of money or maybe the murderers were paid to do the job. It definitely symbolizes something.