Sunday, January 30, 2011

Week 3

Artist: Syd Baker

Name: Robot Romance Part 3

Syd Baker is fascinating with fiction and fantasy. In this particular piece he combines a lot of greenery with robotic figures roller skating on the pavement. He depicts a younger like couple on a sunny afternoon. Baker uses a method of robot construction with a program called Groboto. Groboto gives you step by step tutorials to creating your female and male figures. By combining shapes in 3d of (head, abdomen, legs, feet etc) soon you will have figures like the one’s shown below. Baker let his imagination flow into candid pictures as he adopts these cool images. He tells futuristic story lines…

Syd Baker is no rookie to using programs such as Bryce 3d, Strata 3dcx, Poser and Vue Esprit. If you search his gallery, robot figures are frequently seen throughout.

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