Sunday, January 30, 2011

Week 3: MOCA Artist: Pavel

Week 3

Artist: Pavel Melnichuk

Collection: Digital Brush Painting

Pieces: Childhood Dream

The artist I chose for week three is Pavel Melnichuk. He is a “self-taught artist” who has influences of art and science to create his work. He uses digital brushes in Photoshop to create “photo based” images. The piece I selected out of his Digital Brush Painting collection is Childhood Dream.

Childhood Dream reminds me of three things: birds, dragonflies and kites. It gives off a very peaceful and positive vibe. Inside the edges of the frame, it is filled with dark blue and dark shades of green. This can represent it being nighttime where the “Dream” is taking place. Moving towards the center of the image, it looks like flying objects (birds, dragonflies and kites) are glowing which fills up majority of the piece. It gives a sense of being free spirited because they all fly.

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