Sunday, January 16, 2011

Week One

Artist: Luca Cervini
Collection: Surreal Travel Through Human Feelings
Piece: “Ambivalence”

The artist I chose to write about this week is Luca Cervini. He is a digital art artist who uses photo-collages, digital painting and drawing on the computer to create his pieces. (MOCA) One of his pieces that I thought was interesting is Ambivalence from his Surreal Travel through Human Feelings Collection.

Ambivalence depicts a smaller man within a larger man’s chest. One can conclude that there’s a trapped soul within trying to break free. The mask symbolizes a man acting as someone else on the outside. The bars on the chest give a trapped feeling and indicate the man trying to escape “the madness” to remove that mask. I think Cervini did a great job translating his message through this piece. The masked man being so dominant in the piece overwhelms viewers allowing them to relate to the smaller man who is being overpowered.


  1. Nice!! I also noticed the mask the man is wearing…That too can symbolize another identity or personality of the individual. There are a lot of underline messages in Cervini’s work…

  2. Couldn't help but be puzzled by the knife he held in his hand. Yet when I read what you wrote, I see it was a symbol of more dominance. Could be a classroom discusssion that would take a whole class, I surmise. Thanks.

  3. I agree AnneMarie. I think once you really study the picture you can get a sense of where Cervini was going with this piece. A lot can be interpreted from this.