Saturday, January 22, 2011

Week Two: Magganas

Artist: Christos Magganas

Collection: Surrealism

Pieces: Astra & Electra

"Electra"ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff "Astra"

The artist I chose this week is Christos Magganas. He is a graphics and communication designer who uses “a complex mix of photography and 3D rendering, carefully layered in Photoshop.” (MOCA) This collection reminds me of a fantasy world because of all the bright, highlighted, glowing lines.

Magganas’s pieces Astra and Electra are very futuristic, mythical and fun! A story can be told using these two images without dialogue, words or sound: Possibly galaxy holds two powerful women from different planets because of their colors. It almost reminds me of angels of good and evil but in a fantasy sense.

Astra, inGreek mythology meaning gods of the five wandering stars” (Wikipedia), portrays a world filled with peace. The cool colors give a very calm and relaxing feeling. So much is going on around the woman but she remains centered and balance. I would say she’s the good angel because of the round shape that looks like a halo behind her head and the direction she’s looking in. Electra has more edge to it. One can conclude that she’s the bad angel with the bright, hot colors. Her wings look like they’re made of sharp blades, and it also looks like she’s releasing a fireball from her right hand. It’s like she’s ready for battle.


  1. Great post... you spent some time researching the artist and the story behind the art...