Friday, January 7, 2011

Welcome Letter

January 7, 2011

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to Introduction to Computer ArtI  I have been teaching Digital Photography I and II, The Museum Experience and Two Dimensional Design in an online format for the past four years.... this is the fourth time I am offering Introduction to Computer Art in this online format as well...  The class revolves around creating a portfolio of images.  Your grade will be based on a combination of the portfolio you create and your participation in supporting this online learning experience and of each other.

The first week will be about getting up to speed in creating your accounts and getting your software image editing program working.  Post a short bio to the blog and include a picture of yourself if you can.  Download and install either Photoshop CS5 or Photoshop Elements from the link in the upper right of the page.  Each version is good for 30 days so that will give you enough time to do the class.  Of course you can purchase a copy of either version.  Elements is in the discount chains like Costco and B.J.'s for a discounted price and also available online for as low as $57 here:

I don't use campus cruiser for my online classes as it isn't equipped to handle visual portfolios and blogging.   I host the syllabus on my website,  Take a look around there to look at my teaching philosophy, syllabi, portfolios of my own work, tutorials and more...

Here is a link to the syllabus for this class:

There you will find links to each project, the class blog and the class online portfolio at 

Take a look at the work the day students did this past fall semester on that class blog:

Things to do this week (Week 1)

1.  Important!.... click on the link in the email I will have blogger send you it will be from Jerry (me)...  There are instruction on creating an account at blogger and joining the class blog... you don't need to create your own blog... just join the class one..  Here is a link to the blog:

2.  Go to   and create a free a picture... any picture and post your fotothing name on the class blog so I can find you... I will then add you as a "friend" (class member).... I can’t add you as a friend until a picture is posted… If you already have a fotothing account, please post your screen name there.  

3. Download and install your image editing program... Adobe gives you a full month free from  You can download Photoshop Elements first then follow up with a new download of Photoshop CS5 as that is expiring and get a full 8 weeks of use for free... 

4. Post a bio and picture on the class blog.

5. Post a 1st review of an artist found on MOCA.

6. Begin work on project 1 (week 2) in the syllabus.
Each week you will post an image or two of an artist found in the Museum of Computer Art along with a couple of paragraphs about the work and how your respond to it.  (See examples on last winters blog, linked from the syllabus).  Additionally, you will post an example or two of your own creative activity with an invitation and link to view more of your pieces on your fotothing portfolio.  Each of these elements counts as one attendance.  I need to take two attendances each week.  As you may know, the college has become very strict about this issue.  Anyone not posting in the first two weeks of class will be automatically removed from the class by the college administration.... (sorry it is out of my hands).

Your own creative projects are due no later than Sunday evening each week.  The first one, week 2, syllabus) then should be posted no later than Jan 23rd.

I want you to have fun with this class and not get hung up on any of the technical stuff...  Once you get rolling, you'll see it is fun and very engaging...

Don't hesitate to call me at home if you are stuck!

Jerry Nevins

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