Friday, January 14, 2011

What's Due by Sunday Night at 9 pm?

 You may know the registrar has instituted a strict new policy on taking attendance.  I am required to take attendance twice per week during the course of this class.  For this week, I am counting one attendance as your  successfully posting a bio to this blog and a short review of an artist found at the Museum of Computer Art.  The other attendance record will be you successfully setting up your Fotothing account and posting at least one picture there so I can add you as a friend (that is as a class member.)  Until you post an image there... any image, I can't add you as a friend.

You may be aware that if you receive 4 absences in the first 2 weeks of class, that you will automatically be administratively withdrawn from class and that there is a $250 fee to be reinstated as a student in the ADP program in order to take any future classes.

Next week you will be responsible for posting your own creative work as outlined on the syllabus and a review of an artist found on MOCA....

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