Sunday, January 16, 2011

Week 1

Artist: Gerhard Katterbauerat
Gallery: Rom15

I decided to go with this piece from Gerhard Katterbauer. When I first looked at this photo I saw a beautiful head shot of a woman: A woman with bold red lipstick/ a foreign neighborhood with a small sleek thru-way/ an age able man in all black. In other countries wearing black determines career or status as well as wearing red lipstick may be a sign of prostitution. If I had to put this story together I would say the colors defiantly are symbolic.

This piece in particular was created randomly on “study trips”. He says he tries to reveal new things (a combination of real and unreal). He uses digital photos with a mixture of 3D rendering, Bryce and Post. He uses these different software’s as well as his personal technique of free-hand drawing.


  1. Wow Natalie! Great pick! I can definitely see where you've gotten the idea of the relationship between the man and the woman. I also want to add that she may be caught up in her lifestyle because of how the image repeats and wraps around her face and neck. It's like she knows nothing more than the streets and men. It's her world.

  2. Nice find, Natalie... Thanks for the post.

  3. Hi Natalie, my first impression of this piece was this was someone who has alot on their mind. And as I gaze at it, it seems to priortize certain facial features - the mouth, the eyes, though a bit crooked. And the nose and ears are a bit less evident, though perfect in form. Seems to have an undertone of four of our five senses; just a compelling observation. Thank you.