Saturday, January 15, 2011

Week 1: MOCA Art Gallery

Painted Bottles by Lawrence Taylor

Lawrence Taylor admits that has studied graphic art, photography, and drawing at a basic level. He also has kept some images in the back of his mind for at least 20 years because he did not know how to put the images on paper. But as computers and technology begin to play a major role in society, he was able to figure a way to pull forth the images with computer digital art.

This artist and art piece caught my eye. I too often had images of a certain shoe style that was difficult for me to put on paper. Who knows maybe I will learn some sense of making my images come to life through this art class and some consistency.
Image 1 (painted bottles)


  1. Nice find Sonya. I like the stark simplicity and clean graphic color...

  2. The colors really pop. I hope I can create something like this as I learn in class. Neat.