Sunday, January 16, 2011

Moca Art Week 1

The Artist i found to be interesting was Kustokusto , he is and computer artist whose work has been exhibited in Russia and Europe. He has been recognized as best Computer Artist 1997-1998 and in 2000 he won grand prize in the Art on the next in (Japan) he is also known for his computer animation, flash art and electronic works have appeared in installations performances, festivals and on his own website. Kustokusto who is the sobrequent of Leo Stepanov born in Russia in 1959. He still lives in Moscow and studied art from 1985 to 1989.


  1. Hi Kenny,this is new for me. Looking at this photo, one may say, "It's junk", failing to appreciate the intricacies of how it was created. Also failing to appreciate the message of the subject, fading-out and seemingly becoming a part of earth.I hope to take time soon to see more of his work and get to know this artist. Thanks.

  2. kustokusto ( Leo Stepanov) -