Monday, February 21, 2011

Moca Art Week 6

Good Afternoon class mates i sick of the snow and i have a cold whats else is new. hope everyone that is off today is enjoying Presidents day anyway i must have done line rider over and over and save them and dont no where they saved because my Adobe Flash drive is whack. Anyway this week i chose John Clive he is a leading visual effects designer who has pioneered cloning crowds & morphing realistic animation of software that he has used by jamming up different programs to revolutionize his images to different lines of skin tones, what caught my eye is how the lines in his graphic images combined into mazes like a pile of mazes that go in every direction some of you may not like it but stare at it for a moment and see what you get out of it. John born in Central London in 1953 still lives and works there who is actually married to Actress Michelle Newell they have one daughter Florence who is 15. John has also studied at Ealing School of Art most of his career was directing commercials he has also done some theater and film work also and has been recognized for his many accomplishments in international film work.


  1. Hi Kenneth your right after staring at the image you will indeed get something out of it. I can difinitely see the symbolism in the piles of mazes.

  2. Looks like a variation on the painting machine project we did in wk3. Did you save your line rider file to your hard drive? What is your Adobe Flash drive?

    "dont no where they saved because my Adobe Flash drive is whack"