Friday, February 11, 2011

Week 4

Artist: Gerardo A. Caicedo

This week's pick is of an electrifying ladybug. The candy apple red is what first caught my eye. Then I realized Vday is right around the corner, so the blog could use some "RED"! He creates shapes that are created in demensions. He also emerge lines that aren't in a predetermined model. Pretty creative.


  1. What does Gerardo A. Caicedo have to say about the meaning of his work? What about his methods? Does he have a website?

  2. Gerardo describes his art as, “a quantum universe of lines and colors drawn harmoniously, to create shapes that are created in a dimension of conceptuality and fantasy.” From the artist:

    This technique, inspired by the simplicity of the naïve form, emerges from lines that are drawn without a predetermined model. The shapes and the colors surface as the artist engages his own conceptual discovery of the piece. As a consequence, the result is always surprising images that reveal to us the success of his work.

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