Friday, February 11, 2011

Week 5

Artist: Javier Mendez Liron (Lyron)


Ha I found an artist who used the Apophysis software. The ending result actually looks like a fetus. I can only image what the original piece is? Prob a flower lol. In particular the image looks as if the red signals the "fear" and the black around is probably the surroundings of nature in general. The fear can be built in someone or something. Once it releases itself maybe the black will turn into blue. Just my thoughts.
Enjoy and feel free to tell me what you all think the pic interpets from the title and the picture itself.


  1. What does the artist have to say about his work? Did you find his web site?

  2. I did find it but most of it was in spanish and it didn't give much information... I checked many sources online..

  3. Hi

    I don't like to explain my works because I think that when you express emotions or feelings is the work that should speak for itself. It would even be desirable to see the picture before reading the title and then see if the version of the author and viewer is the same. The image does not matter, what matters is what it conveys.
    When I do fractals, I normally use apophysis but now I'm using Mandelbulb too and gimp for color correction.
    To work in 3D I use Blender and Daz studio and if I do landscapes, Terragen is my software. For other works gimp and inkscape.
    if you want to see the work you've chosen in the original size, along with some others you can see the blog I've just opened.

    (Sorry for my bad English)

    Javier Méndez-Lirón (Lyron)

  4. Thanks for the post! This is really helpful.