Thursday, February 3, 2011

Week 3

Artist: Kalos & Klio, (born in Thessaloniki, Greece)

Name: “Bacchus and Ariande” & "Pursuit of Happiness"

When I chose this piece I read the name and automatically thought about cathedral ceilings. If you know me, you know, I truly love anything vintage or antique. After looking at the two pieces I realized that the artist modernized the pieces, still leaving its original story line in it. It is known that an old artist (Titian) used this style of “Mythological” story telling back in the 14-1500’s. Research indicates that the artist group is inspired by neoclassical traditional tile designs. Particularly in this piece the artist used fabrics, objects, etc... Using digital appropriation/


  1. Wow! These look very spiritual! For some reason they remind me of Buddhism. Great pick Nathalie!

  2. Nice find... I have been fascinated with mirror symmetries for a long time now....

  3. Hi Natalie very nice I too appreciate the likes of mirror symmetries how interesting.