Thursday, February 24, 2011

Week 5-Giovanni Auriemma

Artist: Giovanni Auriemma
Collection: Humanized photography
Piece: Hypostasis

The artist I chose is Giovanni Auriemma. “Self-taught in computer graphics”, Auriemma has become an illustrator and graphic designer. He uses humanized photography to combine computer art and a photograph together. The piece I selected out of his humanized photography collection is called Hypostasis.

Hypostasis looks like this person is trying to find peace or relaxation. The picture of the person is distorted into little individual pieces, like they have a lot going in their mind. The sun setting over the ocean just gives the sense of peace and tranquility this person seems to be seeking.


  1. But I see that his peace is falling apart into little geometric pieces.

  2. I think even though it's falling apart and may seem like a bad thing, I still see dropping those little pieces as if each one is a burden. One less thing to think about.