Friday, February 25, 2011

Week 7- MOCA Artist

Artist: D. Weathersby
Collection: Only Dreaming
Piece: Vacation

The artist I chose is D. Weathersby. D. Weathersby creates his/her “digital photo collages” by using Microsoft Picture It- 10 software. The piece I chose out of the Only Dreaming collection is Vacation.
Weathersby's collage seems very scattered and aged. The picture of the little girl looks like it was taken a long time ago, before there were colored pictures. I’m getting from the background maybe this is where he/she grew up as a child and his/her favorite place was the beach. Weathersby's intent was probably to make viewers wonder and find a connection. It’s not very clear to me why Weathersby chose these items for his collage but it stood out to me.


  1. Yes good... the dislocation of time and the placement of the objects in an improbable scene leads us to this surreal perception.

  2. At a glimpse it looks very terrifying. But a very nice girl at that :)