Monday, February 7, 2011


The artist created this work to draw in his viewers. He allows then to draw their own conclusions based, on their interpretations, of the art before them. He doesn't actually claim to use any particular software; however he does claim that often times its done on his computer. His work is about his art and the constant change and evolution, of the study of life. He saids, he incorporates images, of his art and photos into digital paintings. This is a magnificent piece in my opinion, it shows the coming together, of let's say two people tying the knot. The flower represents the two becoming one, and the candles represent a fire that should never go out.


  1. Who is the artist? Does he/she have a website?

  2. The artist is named Lamb (aka) PJ Banks. His website is I clicked on the link unsure as to why it didn't work.